Continuing Professional Development

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CPD contributes to the delivery of good quality care and service provision. It is necessary for dentists by supporting them to maintain and update their skills, knowledge and behaviour throughout their working life. Section 29A of the Dental Council Act empowers the Dental Council to enter the name of a Dental Surgeon or a Dental Specialist in the Annual List subject to the practitioner having followed such Continuing Professional Development Courses or Training Programmes (CPD).

Section 29A of the Dental Council Act concerning CPD is reproduced below:-

Notwithstanding section 29 but subject to subsection (2), no registered person shall have his name entered on the annual list unless he has followed such Continuing Professional Development courses or training programmes as may be prescribed by the Council”


A. Important information on CPD for all dental surgeons and specialists

  1. CPD Regulations 2016
  2. CPD Regulations 2017
  3. CPD Attendance Record Sheet
  4. List of approved CPD providers 
  5. Letter to the Dental Council for accumulation of a minimum of 12 CPD credit points

B. Important information for CPD providers

  1. Application Form for CPD providers
  2. Guidelines for CPD Providers
  3. Attendance Sheet for CPD
  4. CPD Activity Evaluation Form
  5. List of approved CPD providers 

C. Important information  for CPD facilitators

  1. Application form for CPD facilitators
  2. Attendance Sheet for CPD
  3. CPD Activity Evaluation Form

D. Important information  for speakers

  1. Application form for speakers.