Dental Registration Exam

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Section 22 (1)(g) of the present Dental Council Act provides for an examination prior to registering a person as a Dental Surgeon in order to determine whether he possesses adequate professional knowledge.

Consequently, any person possessing a “diploma in dental surgery” or an equivalent qualification (for e.g. BDS) and who wishes to obtain registration as a dental surgeon is informed that he has to appear in a “Dental Registration Examination” which will be conducted by the Dental Council of Mauritius.

Important Information from National Board of Examinations (NBE)

  1. The DRE will consist of one paper of 150 multiple choice questions having a question stem of 4 distractors with one correct/ best response.
  2. There will be both question and option shuffling in the question paper, hence candidates will get question papers, not in the same order.
  3. The user ID/ Password field of each candidate will be announced on the day of the examination.


Exemption from Examination:

(1) Dental Council (Exemption from Examination) (Amendment No.2) Regulations 2014

(2) Dental council (Exemption of noncitizens from Examination) Regulations 2013.

Application Form for the Dental Registration Examination September 2020:

Application Form 

National Board of Examinations- Instructions


Syllabus of 2019

Sample Question Papers for the Dental Registration Examination:

DRE- Sample 1

DRE- Sample 2

DRE- Sample 3