Dental Registration Exam


Section 22 (1)(g) of the present Dental Council Act provides for an examination prior to registering a person as a Dental Surgeon in order to determine whether he possesses adequate professional knowledge.

Consequently any person possessing a “diploma in dental surgery” or an equivalent qualification (for e.g. BDS) and who wishes to obtain registration as a dental surgeon is informed that he has to appear in a “Dental Registration Examination” which will be conducted by the Dental Council of Mauritius.

The “Dental Registration Examination” consists of two papers of multiple choice questions and a Viva Voce Examination. The papers are set in English. A candidate shall be declared as having passed the examination only if he has obtained a minimum of 50 % marks. Candidates who have been successful in the written examination will be eligible to appear for the viva/voce including clinical/practical examination.

No candidate shall be allowed to appear in the examination unless:

i. He is a citizen of Mauritius or he is a non citizen who holds a work permit or is exempted from holding a permit under the non citizens (Employment Restriction) Act.

ii. He possesses a “diploma in dental surgery” or equivalent qualification.

Note: According to the Dental Council (Exemption from Examination) (Amendment No.2) Regulations 2014 which was published in the Government Gazette of 2014 (Government Notice No 54 of 2014), a person shall be exempted from undergoing the examination referred to in Section 22 (1) (g) of the Act where:-

a) he establishes to the satisfaction of the Council that he is duly registered as a dental surgeon with the regulatory body of the country where he was practising dentistry immediately before he applies for registration in Mauritius and he has practiced as a dental surgeon for a minimum period of 5 years in that country; or

b) he has made an application for registration under section 21 of the Act before December 31, 2013 and he successfully undergoes such assessment as the Council may deem fit for the purpose of determining whether he possesses adequate professional medical knowledge and linguistic skills.

Exemption from Examination:

(1) Dental Council (Exemption from Examination) (Amendment No.2) Regulations 2014

(2) Dental council (Exemption of noncitizens from Examination) Regulations 2013.

Application Form and Information Bulletin for the Dental Registration Examination July 2019:

Application Form

Information Bulletin (July 2019)

Sample Question Papers for the Dental Registration Examination:

DRE- Sample Paper 1

DRE- Sample Paper 2