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51. Saving of Code of Practice

Until the Code of Practice is established, the Code of Practice established under the Dental Council Act shall be deemed to be the Code of Practice.

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[Section 4]


1. Calling for nominations and appointment of nomination day

Not less than one month before the expiry of the three-month period specified in section 45 (2) and every subsequent period of 3 years, the Registrar shall publish in the Gazette and such newspaper as the Council may direct, a notice inviting the submission of nominations and appointing a day on which and the time at which nominations must be submitted.

2. Nomination of candidates

No person shall be eligible for election as a member of the Council unless—

(a) on nomination day he is a fully registered dental surgeon or dental specialist and is not otherwise suspended and reckons at least 10 years’ experience as dental surgeon or dental specialist in Mauritius;

(b) he is a citizen of Mauritius; and

(c) his nomination is supported by 5 fully registered dental surgeons or dental specialists.

3. Procedure after nomination

(1) If the number of persons duly nominated exceeds the number of persons to be elected, the Registrar shall publish in the Gazette and such newspaper as the Council may direct a notice—

(a) specifying the names of the persons duly nominated;

(b) appointing a day, time and place, being not less than 15 days after the publication of the notice, for the holding of an election.

(2) A person who has been duly nominated shall not publish or distribute any manifesto which is calculated or likely to induce persons to vote for him to be a member of the Council.

4. Persons entitled to vote

(1) Every person who on nomination day is fully registered as a dental surgeon or dental specialist under this Act shall be entitled to vote at an election of the members of the Council.

(2) Every dental surgeon or dental specialist voting pursuant to subparagraph (1) shall vote for such number of candidates as there are vacancies available in the membership of the Council representing the public service or private sector, as the case may be.

(3) Any vote which is cast contrary to subparagraph (2) shall be null and void.

5. Election

(1) The election of members of the Council shall be conducted by the Office of the Electoral Commissioner who shall communicate the results to the Registrar.

(2) The Registrar shall submit to the Minister the results of the election forthwith.

(3) The Minister shall, within 21 days of the receipt of the results of the election, publish in the Gazette the composition of the Council.

[Sch. replaced by Act 3 of 2000.]